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Relocating in 2001 from Canada where I grew up, Louisiana is my home. Shortly after arriving in Louisiana, I returned to school to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. I enjoy working with children (ages 12+) and adults using talk therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy. My work is focused on assisting those who suffer from mental and behavioral health issues.

I publish short articles and blogs on the topic of true forgiveness, asking in faith, answering “The Call,” and more. I have written a series on How to Become a Good Forgiver, published at and You will also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I recently published my first eBook, 10 Ways to Rapidly Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth While Creating the Life You Deserve: Real Success in Living Authentically. I write with the intention of helping those who are currently walking their path knowing that the knowledge I have gained through many years of seeking could help catapult another’s. I believe there are people coming of age during this time of humanity’s great transformation into the Light that are ready for this life-transforming knowledge which includes uncommon information about self, spirit, and the workings of the Universal mind, secret tips, tools, and techniques.

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